Expected Results

  • Improved container usability
  • Assured DC conveyable and reusability
  • Standardized materials and quality ACROSS GLOBAL MARKETS
  • Green/Sustainability transparency
    • Reduce corrugate consumption
    • Improve Reduce-Reuse-Recycle
    • Reduced Emissions (Carbon Dioxide, Nitrate, Sulfur Dioxide and PM10)
    • Biodegradable options to recycling
    • Chain of custody
  • World-wide technical support for packaging needs
    • Cost and function optimization of packaging
  • Improved efficiency of outgoing transit to stores
    • Increased Units/CBM
    • Reduced handling expense
    • Reduced number of loads
  • Consolidated method for change management
  • Improved visibility into costs and usage through consolidated reporting

Modeling for Efficiency

Modeling for Efficiency

Roadmap to Success

You want your supply chain to function optimally and at the lowest possible cost to your organization. Our commitment to you is to provide you with measurable supply chain savings and a clear road map for success, along with clear expectations. Our approach to understanding your product and distribution environment allows us to deliver a solution that creates added benefits and reduced costs to all your functions, including but not limited to

- Maximum carton space utilization

- Efficient and optimal product packing

- A carton suite engineered for your exact product needs

- Reduced warehouse space requirements and storage costs

- Control of packaging performance and costs

- Improved retail presence and flow of space