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Mark J. Feeney, Founder

How we got started

"Many years ago I had an epiphany while working with Dr Edwards Deming at the Ford Motor Company. In the late '80s I began applying the mathematical term “Optimization” to supply-chain activities and coined the term “Supply-Chain Optimization." Recently, I have changed my reference from optimization to "Actualization," since an optimized solution is a static picture of a process and not one of continued improvement."

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About Us

WELCOME to a unique approach to supply-chain efficiency

BCI Global LLC was formed on the founder’s passion to forward the methods and concepts of Supply-Chain Optimization.

We trademarked the term “Supply-Chain Actualization” to avoid comparisons to the millions of offerings being called “Supply-Chain Optimization” which, in many cases, has very little to do with optimization. We follow a unique and customer-centered methodology to bridge supply-chain gaps and drive down costs, report on success and continue to improve our clients' savings and brand integrity. We minimize cost, maximizing effectiveness, and measure success with detail reporting. The methods are the result of 25+ years of work, mathematics and implementations across major industry segments including, apparel, footwear, outdoors, electronics, furniture, health care, fashion, and a host of others. Mission is to provide brands with a mathematically modeled supply-chain that can be measured and reviewed to ensure performance.

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 What We Do
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 Expected Results
By modeling the product and constraints, we mathmatically identify ways to generate 20%+ in cost reductions
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 Opportunities & Challenges
Many supply-chain challenges need customer-specific solutions for dealing with common issues
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Our methods of implementation are
“non-disruptive” with ongoing
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 How We Do It
All solutions start with our client’s product and how it gets from the manufactuer to the final customer
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